3 Pet Fashion Brands You Need to Check Out Today!

Calling all Furry Fashionistas! We’ve scoured the net. Why? To gift you the goods on three brands that’ll guarantee your four-legged friend is 100% fashion forward and on the road to insta-fame land!

My Pupper

Are you and your pupper an earth-loving pair? Then My Pupper is the place to be! These eco-warrior princesses of pet fashion are Sunshine Coast based and sweet as pie. My Pupper make sure your pet is treated to lush looking statement pieces that are kind to the planet, other puppers and your pet’s insta follower count!

Why You’ll Love Em’
The earth-conscious goodies are 200% gorgeous and mostly sustainable. My Pupper are high fashion with heart. They also work with the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge, donating a percentage of sales to the organisation each month. Like we said, good for your pup and some less fortunate cuties!

Our Fave My Pupper Pick
Tropical Bliss Bandana – $22-30
Imagine tall, palm trees and a light breeze as you walk your pup down sandy, sunlit paths. This bandana is blissful island vibes 101. It is cute to boot and will have your dog looking on point and eco-conscious.

Sneaky Tip…
Head over to the adorable Instagram accounts of Chilli.poo, Spencercavoodle and Penelopetheiggy for cuteness overload AND a secret squirrel My Pupper discount code 😉.


River & Co

Is your pet keen to be paparazzied? Stopping by River & Co is a must! If you’re ok with people stopping to admire and compliment your little one on walks and if you’re comfortable with people asking ‘where did you get that?’ then this brand should suit you just fine! Their bandanas, bowties or collars are all of beautiful quality.

Why You’ll Love Em’
When going for their daily afternoon stroll, your pet won’t have to worry about that awkward possibility of running into another four-legged cutie sporting the same outfit! These quirky designs are quite limited and uber unique.

Our Fave River & Co Pick
Avo Smash – $30+
Who doesn’t love avos? Who doesn’t love pets? Who doesn’t love their pet looking super adorable in an avo themed collar and bow tie? This one is made too last and just too cute for words!

Sneaky Tip…
Looking for a daily dose of adorable pet pics? How about a cheeky discount code for River & Co’s goodies? Then check out the Insta accounts of these cuties… Chesteraussieshepherd, arlo.thedachshund, eastonofthewild & botheblackpug.

Pablo & Co

Looking for fashion for your furry friend? Look no further than Pablo & Co. These guys believe that your fur baby can never be overdressed. They’re right. Pablo & Co all started when co-CEO, Loren, would obsessively dress her gorgeous miniature dachshund, Pablo, up to the nines. Then one day she decided, hey, why not bring Pablo’s rockin’ style to the masses? We are so glad she did. This edgy little brand have been delivering the goods to pooches near you since late 2016 . We hope they never stop!

Why You’ll Love Em’
Well, the CEO is a dog for starters. Plus, the range is INCREDIBLE. Matching human and fur-child outfits? A transparent pet raincoat? Need we say more! Maybe just a little more.. some of the other options include designs featuring Llamas, avocados, unicorns and Drake. Remove all photos from your phone now, because once your Pablo & Co order arrives, you’ll be photographing your pooch for days!

Our Fave Pablo & Co Pick
Tiger Denim Jacket – $39.95
It was a tough choice. Knocking back a Ryan Gosling bandana was no easy feat, but we couldn’t go past Pablo & Co’s range of denim jackets. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why doesn’t my dog have a Tiger Denim Jacket? Maybe you should! Bowties and bandanas are sweet, but what is a proud pooch owner to do if their pet is a little more on the edgy side? Check out Pablo & Co stat, that’s what. You’ll have zero regrets trust us.

So there you have it, our 3 favourite pet fashion picks!  Click here to check out our beautiful, personalised ‘love my pet’ jewellery line.



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