Meet Ashlee…  If I’m not cuddling with my two fur kids, you’ll find me on the yoga mat or eating peanut butter! I helped found The Sunset Store with Jackie because I know firsthand how special the bond between a person can be and also how hard it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet. I’ve always felt that this relationship deserves to be cherished and honoured as pets are definitely part of the family. My chief smile-makers are Bella & Bear… Bella likes to consider herself royalty. She spends her time subtly ruling over our family with huge helpings of charm.  Bear is the king of cuddles. It’s a pastime that only comes to second to food!

Meet Jackie… I’m a palliative care veterinarian and all-round animal lover who knows that pets are more than just pets! I founded The Sunset Store with Ashlee after realising that heartfelt gifts for families who want to treasure and celebrate their pets were few and far between. When I’m not busy working, you’ll find me… well… still working, but I’m lucky to have a job I love, so we don’t call it work around here! My special pet is Jemima! Miss Jemima is in charge of the office here at The Sunset Store and whilst she’s absolutely the love of my life, it’s well known that she’s a bit of an only child. After being adopted as a stray, Jemima has readily adapted to being the centre of everyone’s attention and is content to artfully manage her current role as head of ‘everything’. Thankfully she has a talented team behind her and is able to spend much of the day reclining in any one of her many beds whilst work goes on around her.